A mix of a Hype Man and street rapper, Player One has made a name for himself as a frontman of alternative electro group Endoflevelbaddie. Player One has always had his head into music and being the grandson of world music legend Ebo Taylor – music has been his passion. Since the days of Rodney P, Old Skool Jungle and Sidewinder, UK sounds of the underground have been his inspiration.

Now Player One is ready to release his first solo album showcasing what he calls is a life’s work. Jumping on the mic and behind the mixing desk as a producer, this will be his way of telling the world who he is through music featuring artists that inspire him such as Red Eye Feenix, Live Lans and Kev La Kat.

Player One is destined to keep it moving in 2017. After 10 years of solid gigging and being inspired by his Grandad, Ebo Taylor’s recent rise to fame, Player One is ready to drop his solo album through long-term indie label Love Our Records. It’s rumoured that he’ll be working on a collaborative double album with his best mate and band member Endoflevelbaddie in the coming months.




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