The Sous Chef’s at Anti Saute Saute Club have been taking over during Lockdown 2 to provide some fresh new menus and of course, tasty food. No Sacrifice and Sous Chef Dread each rustled up their own menus to their specialities – ‘satanic vegan junk’ and ‘afro meat party’.


sous chef dread


After a long battle over what I should order for my lockdown takeover / takeaway treat, I decided to go for an ‘African Meat Party’. I ordered the Mt. Kenya Burger with Katsu Fries on the side to take full advantage of the £10 burger and side offer.


The Food


sous chef dread


The Mt.Kenya Burger is a sight of beauty. Featuring an African spiced beef patty, dirty fried chicken, African aioli, posh leaf, jack cheese and pineapple & habanero ‘kachumbari’ all in a toasted brioche bun. The flavours within this burger were a perfect mix of sweet and spicy. The food could not have been more full of flavour and of the highest quality.


sous chef dread


If you’ve ever read our Anti Saute reviews before, or have eaten there yourself you know that the Katsu Fries are to die for. Therefore, there were no second thoughts on what to order for my side. The Sous Chef Dread edition of the Katsu Fries we’re equally just as delicious. With an added extra bit of spice to fit with the African themed menu. The servings are plentiful, leaving me a little leftover treat for the next day.



I’ve definitely got my eye on some of the vegan goodness from No Sacrifice for a future order. Most mouth-wateringly the ‘Katsu-a-phish’ pictured above. Orange and chilli beer-battered blossom with katsu fries and hot pea stir fry.

Check out their Instagram pages and DM to place an order and claim their £10 Burger & Side offer while you still can!