Last Tuesday at The Sesh, Mak welcomed Serial Chiller, Sewage Farm and Dead Hormones to the stage. It wasn’t as busy as it usually is in The Polar Bear, on Spring Bank, because it was Halloween the night before. However, some people still managed showed their faces to support the bands and have a good time.
Two-piece slacker punk band Serial Chiller started off the night with a friendly gesture, enticing people to get closer to them for free shots from the stage. The pair didn’t fail to impress with their rough guitar and beating drums. They welcomed the crowd into their world of grunge with a laid-back attitude and catchy riffs decorated with edgy lyrics. Serial Chiller are the type of band who are better to listen to live because their recordings don’t do their raw sound or slurred vocals justice. The band’s set seemed to be cut short when it came to an end and everyone was left feeling like they wanted more, which led to an uplifting encore. Serial Chiller are a band who are not to be missed, they create a great atmosphere and will get your head bobbing along to their fresh sound.
Helping spread the beauty of grunge Sewage Farm, from Nottingham, also performed at The Sesh. The three-piece band creates a very British sound, with their soothing melodies and authentic vocals sung by Sam Forrest. Sewage Farm are a garage rock band who bring the summertime feeling to your heart, even when it’s cold outside. Despite their talent, Sewage Farm’s song ‘Sunny on the Outside’ stood out in their set like a sore thumb. I personally dislike the track due to its annoying and whining child-like tone. However, their songs overall are perfect for people who love to sway side to side and sing along carefree.
Headlining the night, Dead Hormones then showed off their talent to the crowd. The punk and alternative rock band came to the venue with a bundle of energy that spread across the room. With their untamed guitars, the four-piece band from Hull got everyone dancing. Their fans also sang along with vocalist Jacob Tillison to some of their catchy songs. Dead Hormones’ new track ‘Nothing, Nothing… Then Something’ slightly calmed down their set. The song sounds a little more laid back compared to their other material, yet still, demonstrates their unique sound with brutally honest lyrics. No matter what your taste is in music, it would be impossible to dislike the great sound that Dead Hormones create.

WORDS | Danielle Hayes


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