Words Tom Morrell


As a regular attendee at The Sesh, this particular cold, wet Tuesday night in November started in typical fashion. Pre Polar Bear pint in Pave. The exact way many a messy night has begun since what seems like the dawn of time. Or at least the dawn of day drinking down Prinny Ave.

8pm and the resident Jazz Jam guys are getting ready to do their thing. Fairly quiet compared to usual, but who in their right mind would be out drinking on a miserable, grim weeknight. Exactly.

The vibe is super chilled and laid back, with the perfect background music to enjoy your beer and have a good natter with one of my oldest pals.

“Only having a few tonight mate, cant go off on a mad one.” That classic line you’re guaranteed to hear multiple times every weekend somehow feels slightly more realistic on a Tuesday night.

After literally seconds of persuading, we’re walking to Sesh.

We get there just after 9. Few of the regulars and familiar faces are there early, and I spot Yasmin Coe and her band hanging around the stage, looking eager to get things started. Its refreshing to see such a young band doing well in their hometown. Cutting their teeth in front of other up and comers as well as already distinguished bands The City Of Culture has to offer, and its nights like The Sesh that gives these band a well-needed leg up in the music industry.



As Yasmin and her band take the stage after being introduced by the ever-present and legendary Mark Page, people start shuffling towards the front, ready for the show to start. It’s clear that she already has a following, as decent numbers have braved the cold and got down early to hear her set, and rightfully so. It’s a blinder. For such young musicians, these guys are super tight and have clearly put in the hours inside the practice room. The songs themselves are well written and performed with confidence and a good level of showmanship. Bright things are certainly on the horizon for this young group of musicians.

Yasmin has a new single coming out early next year that we will definitely be keeping an eye out for. Until then we highly recommend you check her out on social media if you haven’t done so already.




Second, on the bill, tonight is an out of town band. The New Coast, all the way from East London and ready to kick off the first gig of their current mini-tour with a bang. Having not listened to anything from these guys before, I’m pleasantly surprised as soon as the first song gets underway. They fill the room with gentle indie pop riffs and utopian melodies and immediately catch the attention of the audience as the crowd seems to take a step forward. The vibe in the room almost feels like everybody has suddenly become introspective, captivated and immersed in the show on display.

I’d definitely recommend catching these boys live if you get the chance. A solid performance that will keep your attention from start to finish. The New Coast have recently had their new single debut online at KALTBLUT Magazine, as well as a BBC Introducing live session under their belt, which you can get your teeth into over on their Facebook page.



Headliners for the night came in the shape of Pearls Cab Ride. No introduction is needed when you’ve been on the circuit for 25 years. Ever since releasing their debut album just over a year ago, Lyn Acton and Co have been keeping themselves busy playing live across the country to promote it. Keepin’ the funk alive!

By the time the band steps on stage, the nights in full swing. I get the feeling most people have seemed to of forgotten they’re at work tomorrow. The first thing that strikes me as the opening song starts, is the sheer number of band members on show. Anyone who’s danced on Polar Bears stage in the early hours of a Saturday night knows it’s not the most spacious of platforms. It’s a tight squeeze, but this doesn’t seem to phase any of the band members, everyone’s dancing.

Lyn and the band play unbelievably well. The rhythm section is impossibly tight, and the funky guitar licks are played with absolute precision and style. There’s a crystal clear passion for the music straight from the off, and the vocal melodies bounce around the room. A personal highlight of the setlist from these guys was a rendition of Everything But The Girl. Thrown in there towards the end of the set, it’s an absolute crowd pleaser, and during its performance, the party’s in full swing.


They close the set with a well-received classic cover of 70s tune Vehicle from The Ides Of March. After a massive round of applause, the crowd are undivided in smiles after being treated to the three great acts in the spaced of a few hours. This particular Sesh has had something to please everyone, a rare occasion these days such as the diverse crowd that Polar Bear always attracts. The band say their farewells and gracefully leave the stage after smashing it out the park.


Cue the DJ.


Images: Dandrew Photography: https://goo.gl/U4jKB7