Remote workspaces are essential for the freelancer on the move. Ultimately, not everyone can occupy an office space or work without distractions at home.

Hull is abundant with remote workers, from freelance journalists to students to business owners, working from home doesn’t always cut it. Sometimes you need to get out of the house, grab a coffee tastier than your routine instant caffeine fix at home and get to work in a different environment. Or maybe even just a helping hand in levelling out that work/home balance and a solution to separate the two.

Hull’s independents offer remote workspaces in the city centre, around the university area and beyond for those wanting to get away from the library or drag themselves out of working from their ever so tempting bed. Browse recommends the following independents in Hull to freelancers, students and everyone in-between to get their work flowing in a welcoming atmosphere differing from the norm of the everyday chain coffee shops or university libraries.

Here are a selection of remote workspaces that we recommend for local creatives, by local creatives.


Brew is a contemporary open space that opens early for your morning caffeine fix, with coffee from The Blending Room. But also stays open late for an after-work (or maybe even during work for the late-night freelancer) fix of local craft beer. Located on the corner of Albion Street and Bond Street in the city centre, Brew offers a relaxed vibe in their Scandinavian inspired space. Proposing a fresh space to work remotely. Brew offers a range of loose leaf and herbal teas, locally sourced coffee, local beers on tap and sweet treats, among a friendly and wholesome atmosphere and great customer service.


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Thieving Harrys

Thieving Harrys is the go-to café down Humber Street for coffee and a bite to eat. From burgers to light bites the café is ‘open more than not’ be it for breakfast or drinks on a weekend. Harrys has a rustic down-to-earth vibe, eclectically decorated with old school art, retro style furniture and beer bottle storage boxes. This spot gives local creatives a warm welcome. With fast free Wi-Fi, comfortable seating options and all-important plug sockets located around the tables to keep your devices going while the coffee keeps you going.


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Bean & Nothingness

Bean & Nothingness is a coffee shop, gallery space and creative hub located on Whitefriargate. This spot is a bustling hub of support for local creatives. From locally sourced and produced food and coffee to local music playing in the background and local art adorning the walls. The support of local creatives makes Bean & Nothingness a perfect remote workspace for local freelancers, especially in being surrounded by local inspiration.


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Planet Coffee

Planet Coffee is located on Newland Avenue, not far from the University of Hull. Offering a huge variety of hot drinks, milkshakes and cakes. This remote workspace is a relaxed place in which you can feel at home. Get comfortable on the sofas, if it be on your own working, or with friends for a catch up. The relaxed atmosphere allows for a perfect working space. You are not left feeling rushed away or in the way of passing customers. Here you are free to watch the world go by, or work the day away fuelled by hot drinks and cake.


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Humber Street Gallery Café

Humber Street Gallery’s café space is definitely an interesting place to sit and work. There is always a lot to look at here among the exhibitions situated on Humber Street.. The gallery again serves great locally sourced coffee from The Blending Room, a range of cold drinks and alcohol. The café also offers tasty snacks in the form of baked goods such as pastries and desserts. When the sun is shining, HSG café also has a rooftop bar area. Perfect for meetings in the sunshine. The ground floor café is perfect for meetings or working solo with multiple plug sockets and free WiFi.


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Co-working Spaces

Another option for a more private remote working experience are paid co-working spaces. Perfect for those who don’t want to be situated in a busy café or restaurant. Benefits of these co-working spaces may be having a more private space for meetings or un-interrupted remote working, networking opportunities, city centre locations, faster WiFi, inclusive hot & cold drinks and access to hardware such as printers and other equipment. Some examples of these co-working spaces in Hull include; C4DI, Regus, The Deep Business Centre and OneSixOne.

Where is your favourite space to work remotely? Let us know in the comments below.