Hull’s hip-hop scene is thriving – there’s a unique vibrancy and drive to the artists in the area that hasn’t always been publicised and pushed as much as it should have been.


Cameo Brooks is at the forefront of this scene, and alongside other talents including Chiedu Oraka and Marx, is bring Hull’s thriving music scene to a national, and international audience. And with that, we give you Cameo Brooks’ ‘BOOM’.


‘BOOM’ for me is the transition and evolution of myself over the past year, personally, emotionally and musically, this track shows the passion and fire for the game while talking about the day to day antics of a normal life, juggling both a music career while trying to hold down a job, ‘Working Hard’ to rise up and work on the tactics.” – Cameo Brooks

The track is available from tomorrow from and across all digital platforms.