The cliché goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. But that doesn’t always hold true of photography, as everyone now thinks they are a photographer, social media is awash with images. Particularly of Hull since it became the City of Culture. How many photos of the Blade or the Poppies did we all see? From happy snaps to over filtered photos that told us nothing new about our great city. Every now and then a photographer comes along that sees the world differently through their lens, that goes against the filtered clichés, and reports the world and the people in it, in all its raw glory.


Spring Bank


One such photographer from our city is Bobby Beasley. He uses his camera and social media to tell a story of the people of Hull.  In what can be described as a reportage style, he captures often poignant snapshots of life. People going about their daily lives, shopping bags in hand (there is a disproportionate amount of carrier bags in his photos), dogs on leads, pushing bikes, embracing life and embracing each other, faces staring off into the distance, thoughtful, contemplative, lost in the moment.  This is the true essence of reportage photography, done with a unique and quirky style that weaves a narrative thread through the images that speak not only of the people captured but of Bobby himself. He may be behind the camera lens, but he is there in every Heron carrier bag, every Farmfoods bag for life.

Argos, Market Place, Lowgate


It is that ability to recognize the artist’s work, through an unfiltered lens that makes Bobby’s photography stand out among the torrent of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter images we are constantly fed of our city. Work that speaks to our collective humanity, our community, rather than another shallow and meaningless photo of The Deep.

Words: Rich Sharp Wilson