SquareWaves main collaborators are(deep breath): Dan Cross (DXN), Joseph Cox (Weird Ribs), Liam VanRijn (Revenu), Matt Briggs, Max Beadle (AppleMax), Mike Finlay(Government Yard), Mike Fox (Teotl Expansion) and last but not leastPhill Wilson (MyOneManBand).

Occasional and honorary members include: John Sorensen-Jones (Jykkälä), Mark Jones (Counting toZero), Kev Moss (of Love Our Records), poet Paul Maxey, MichaelAnthony Barnes-Wynters and Sally Currie (The Dyr Sister).



SquareWaves perform and record ambient, electronic improvisations individually, as a group and with other artists. Squarewaves are happy to play with anything that plugs into a mixer, and have used electric guitars, CD players,stylophones, mic’ed up poems, circuit-bent children’s toys and an endless variety of synthesizers, groove boxes and audio FX.



SquareWaves formed as a result of theMola Mola SquareWaves CD which was released in 2014 as a fund raiser for Red Gallery. Following the release, a live jam at one of Fruit’s’Beer + Art’ nights was arranged, which went well enough to make those involved decide to repeat the experience. SquareWaves are nowin demand as a live act, whilst jams are now recorded and uploaded monthly.



So far SquareWaves have only played locally, although gigs in York and Rotterdam are currently in the planning stage.
SquareWaves spiritual home is the Zoo Café onNewland Ave, where our live jams are recorded and the Zoodles public jams take place, all fuelled by the potent coffee….