For those readers that don’t know anything about you yet, could you try to briefly explain your background and what kind of artist you are?

“I’ve been making music for over three years now, at first I was the frontman of several rock bands, and now I’ve decided to branch out and become a solo artist. I’ve loved hip-hop since I was a young kid, and after revisiting a lot of stuff I used to listen to a lot when I was younger I was massively inspired to write my own raps.”

Hip-hop and Rap are genres which seem to gain millions of listeners, what has drawn you to producing this style of music?

“Despite the millions of listeners, hip-hop is still a misunderstood genre due to the stereotypes associated with it. I’m trying to do something a bit different with my lyrics so not to fit into people’s stereotypes of what rap is about.

What artists have influenced you throughout your musical life? Who do you think you are most similar to in style?

“My two biggest influences have been Korn and Wu-Tang Clan, in all the music I’ve made. I have the benefit of being influenced by heavy metal and punk rock too, which helps add another dynamic to the music, I think. I’d say stylistically, without trying to sound pretentious, I’m like R.A. the Rugged Man meets Sticky Fingaz meets Inspectah Deck meets Tom G Warrior. I definitely wear my influences on my sleeve, but with my own twist and flavour.

Do your songs and lyrics have a general theme? How do you go about getting inspiration for writing?

“Inspiration can be sparked from anything, in everything I do, I’m trying to gain knowledge and to try make words work together. Sometimes I have a specific theme I’ll write about, and other times I’ll have a lot of different things I’ll touch on within one song.”

Hull has a great creative culture, and you don’t have to look very hard anymore to see it, how is it being an artist in Hull and is there a crowd for your genre(s) there?

“From what we saw at Humber Street Sesh, a lot of people love hip-hop in Hull, but it’s still overlooked a bit, which is somewhat understandable, given the huge talent on offer. Because of my background, when I play in Hull I normally play alongside metal bands, and there seems to be a bit of a crossover audience. I can’t say much now, but we’ll definitely be seeing more rap v rock stuff coming.”

What are ambitions do you have with your music?

“There are no limits, I honestly feel like I can take on the world. I have no plan B, I’ve gone to university to study music business in order to know how the industry works and how to properly market and promote myself. I want to crossover into Europe, America and Asia, play shows all over the world, and work with some of my favourite artists. There really is no limit.”
It very much sounds like we should watch this space, Rap vs. Rock is an intriguing idea, where can people get down to see you around Hull?

“I normally play O’Rileys when I do shows in Hull, although I am trying to tap into other venues. I’ll be playing the Sesh night at some point in December or January, but I really want to play Fruit and Welly. I think those two are the only venues I haven’t played in Hull.”