Making a Statement in the City: Upcoming Artist and Producer Eric Dimmack Introduces his First Single ‘Sail Away’ featuring Sonny Cole 


To discuss his latest lush single ‘Sail Away’ featuring Sonny Cole, Lucy sat down with Hull’s freshest new artist Eric Dimmack to talk about his musical influences, the world of music production and what it means to be one of the youngest artists to create a lasting impression on his listeners throughout the city.

It goes without saying that Hull’s music scene is becoming a vastly growing plethora of impeccable talent. An unbreakable network of creators, new and upcoming artistic individuals are always welcomed with open arms into the musical community – this is the case for seventeen-year-old producer and artist Eric Dimmack. Incorporating the sounds of jazz and hip-hop masters such as Tom Misch, Jordan Rakei and Anderson .Paak, Dimmack’s first single is a seamless blend of groovy guitar licks, lazy beats, and delectably catchy melodic hooks. Comparable to a young Mark Ronson, with musical expertise that is far beyond his years, it is incredibly exciting to witness what could be the breakthrough for clearly one of Hull’s finest musicians. 



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“So I started with the track about three or four months before I got in touch with Sonny about the possible collaboration,” says Dimmack as he explains the birth of ‘Sail Away’, “I knew him through a friend – his sister actually – and I asked him to record an idea over the track I’d made.” Originally a Hull-born but now Manchester-based rap artist, Sonny Cole’s individual sound intertwines perfectly with Dimmack’s beatmaker style. Given the increasing success of the song since its release this month, Dimmack states: “I haven’t produced anything with Cole again yet, but this doesn’t mean I won’t in the future. It was so nice to see him grow in the process of making the song and challenge him a bit to create in a different style.” With hints of collaborations alongside other unsigned artists like himself, the announcement of other single releases from Dimmack has been met with high anticipation. 

Those following Dimmack’s social media profiles will have noticed the hashtag ‘#Forthelazy’, which teases of the artist’s upcoming album which is speculated to be released in the coming new year. However, what inspired the creator to release his music and venture into such a competitive industry as such a young contender? “A personal event happened in my life a year ago and it made me realise that I’ve only got one shot at this,” Dimmack discusses, “life is for getting on with things and doing these things whilst you can.” A curiously driven individual, Dimmack began his music producer journey at fourteen years old acquiring basic recording equipment to record his musical ideas with the inspiration of beatmakers such as Tom Misch, Arlo Parks and Kaytranada. He learnt along the way as his connections grew and he made a name for himself in many of Hull’s venues as a sound engineer; recently Dimmack became the head of sound at Hull’s new music venue ‘Social’. 



As one of the first tracks that Dimmack produced to be professionally released, ‘Sail Away’ has been on a musical voyage to reach its final product which has been met with great praise especially from the father of Hull’s music scene Mark Page. “Been crying out for this style of production to hit Hull…the boy’s got skills,” said Page in a sentimental Facebook post dedicated to Dimmack, who has been fortunate enough to mentor, encourage and watch the young producer progress. “I think what’s nice about the instrumental side of ‘Sail Away’ is that the original kit that you hear is the same kit that was first recorded with literally two microphones when I started out – I had no idea how to mic up a kit at the time,” admits Dimmack as he discusses his development as a producer, “and with my growing music production knowledge, I’ve learnt how to make it sound so much better whilst using the same recording.” This notion of intense drive and motivation to hold a treasure chest of knowledge on how to produce an incredible track is exactly what makes him stand out from other producers and artists in the area. 

Sometimes, when unearthing a passion for talent or career path, it is not necessarily what someone knows but in fact who they know – this was the case for Dimmack as he entered the spectacle of genres such as jazz, house and hip-hop that he had not yet dived into. Then along came a fellow passionate music producer that opened his eyes: “Rob Moses – literally that’s all. We would meet in one of the music rooms at school at break or lunchtime and he would show me what he’d been listening to and how it was created and I knew this style was exactly what I wanted to produce,” Dimmack tells of the power of connections in the industry. He and Moses would continue to form a musical partnership for several years in which they would create musical projects together, all in the name of breaking the boundaries of music production. It was this brilliant partnership that would lead Dimmack to begin the exploration of collaboration with other gifted musicians from around the region. 

Though only just stepping into the pool of Northern creators, he offers some mature advice to budding musicians that may wish to follow in his footsteps telling them to “go to gigs and speak to people as often as possible – build up your network and collaborate with people that are just as passionate as you are about music.” In the age of a pandemic, collaborations and music projects have been at the heart of Hull’s effort to keep the music scene alive and beating. This has proven that not only does Hull have a community of like-minded individuals but also places the importance of the arts at the forefront of what makes it such a vibrant city. “I would also say good equipment is definitely something to bear in mind, it just helps upgrade the quality of the music you produce,” says Dimmack who has built a home studio of professional value as his career has developed. Perhaps home studio production is the future of enthralling new contemporary music, with the likes of Hull’s jazz maverick SARGE producing beats and tracks from his home as well as artists on a larger following scale such as Dayglow, Mac Demarco and Billie Eilish. 

With the announcement of new releases in the very near future, Dimmack teases of new projects that he has been avidly working through in the past year. “I can’t really say too much,” he declares grinning, “but there’s something on a larger scale that’s been happening behind the scenes that I’m really excited to announce in the coming year.” Whilst he continues to thrill new listeners with his growing repertoire of singles, it is certain that the seventeen-year-old is keen to take 2021 in his stride and make his mark as a well-renowned musician not only in the HU5 area but around the country. Dimmack’s mature and inquisitive attitude towards breaking into the music industry and taking every opportunity that is thrown his way is sure to act as a great advantage to the young artist, who is yet to grow and learn even more in his promising career. Having released an incredibly strong competitor of a single by the name of ‘Sail Away’, the name ‘Eric Dimmack’ is certainly not one to be forgotten. 

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