Allusondrugs, Dead Hormones and DWAS – Adelphi Club – 19th May 2016

The first band on the bill tonight had benefitted from a lot of hype in the build up to their debut gig, with their name being bandied about on social media even before they had written any tracks or so we were led to believe. It certainly had worked as getting a support in such illustrious company was some achievement, and including them was a masterstroke by Ulltra Promotions when DWAS added seventy names to their cheap list. I was lucky enough to catch a sneak preview at a secret warm-up gig at Camp Daddy in the wilds of Wincolmlee but by that stage of the night was too battered to remember a great deal about it, except recognising the lead singer Keenan as someone who had sent me flying across the room at Adelphi when I got a little too close to the mosh a few weeks ago. DWAS is an acronym but what of depends on who you ask and changes constantly, so for the purpose of this article they will be known as Drink Whisky And Spew. Bassist Charlie was fetchingly attired in a short black sparkly top covered by a pink pyjama top with fluffy white sheep on. The first few bars of ‘Get Out Of Me’ had hardly begun before the packed floor erupted causing beer and cider to fly around. Before the doom-psyche of ‘Insanity Plea’ there was a short break to sweep up broken glass and find another pick for Keenan. Interpretive dancing and even waltzing briefly replaced the exquisite delirium. Encouraged by some in the crowd and a shower of cash Charlie took the opportunity to strip off his jeans to reveal a pair of sparkly shorts and fishnets. Glam Rock is alive and well. ‘Looking At The Moon’ was another slice of raucous noise with Keenan shouting down the mic and drummer Max setting a relentless pace. Towards the end of the set, Keenan handed guitar duties over to Casey of Nothing’s Happening renown before diving into the mosh to knock some other poor bugger about. DWAS prove themselves to be no one trick pony with the ability to knock out some tunes of varying ferocity and tempo. A fine debut show from yet another Warren band. There are so many exciting brand new bands coming through such as Lumer, Black Lime and Sister Strange that this gig-going lark never becomes boring for me.


In my opinion, Dead Hormones are one of the most improved bands in the city over the last year or so. Previously I would watch and enjoy them but not really go out of my way to catch them, but since they have tightened up their occasionally convoluted set they now consistently deliver a storming alt-rock show. Frontman Jacob is in the enviable position of being in two of the city’s Premier League acts as he steps off his drum stool behind The Black Delta Movement to take his turn in the spotlight. Unfortunately during opening song ‘If I Don’t Make It Home’ he breaks a string and puts an appeal out for another guitar which is answered by Allusondrugs. The first three tracks are played in the same order as the recently released EP with plenty of crowd surfing and sitting on shoulders which are always a bit risky with the low ceiling in Adelphi. The highlight of the set for me was the final track off the EP, the magnificent ‘Leathered’. By now the room was pretty damn sweaty so there was a lot of hair sticking to Jacob’s face. No such problem for me nowadays. DH have a lot going for them, finely crafted songs with a hard edge delivered by a band who have obviously worked hard to get their timings spot on.
Allusondrugs from Castleford had set up a mini bazaar in the corner of Adelphi selling a selection of their weird and wonderful tees and doing brisk business. Buying a bit of merch from these bands helps keep them on the road. I’ve probably bought enough to have bought them all a small car each. A few folk had prematurely headed off to Welly Club so they missed out on the climax of another great night of live music. It has been a good twelve months for Allusondrugs playing Leeds and Reading Festivals and touring with the likes of Enter Shikari and Fatherson. I caught them doing a fantastically mad set at Party in the Pines near Scunny as well as a couple of Fruit gigs. They opened up with one of their older tracks ‘Handicapped’ , sounding like a metal Kula Shaker. This song is soon to be featured on the soundtrack of an American horror film. The lead singer has a few tribulations with the mic cutting out during ‘Cherry Pie’ and ‘Nervous’ but soundman Jim soon helps get the show going again. A debut live song ‘Hang’ was dedicated to Katie who had travelled down the M62 to support them before my favourite ‘Sunset Yellow’, a mellow harmonious piece of pure heaven. A varied eleven track set was brought to a chaotic close with a previous single ‘Am I Weird?’ ending in maniacal screams down the mic. After a few minutes to cool down and get their (and our) breath back they returned for an encore of ‘Sister’, yet another new tune. With a fair selection of fresh material hopefully a new EP or even album could be due soon. Three quality live acts, a couple of new tee shirts and an EP, life doesn’t get much better than this.

Words  Bob Wallis

Images Jay James

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