This Saturday see’s the return of Pure Techno at Funktion in the City Centre, on this occasion celebrating 12 years of underground techno parties in Hull.

If you’ve only just got into techno, or even if you’ve been into it a while, you might not have realised there’s been a healthy scene running here for well over a decade now. A local collective, quietly going about their thing, playing loudly and having a good time; a no attitude, no nonsense techno family.

As it’s their 12th birthday, we asked the 4 lads behind the night to give us 12 tracks for 12 years, and between them, they picked 3 each which represent magical moments they’ve stored in the Pure Techno vault over the years and some from more recent times.




Par Grindvik – Do Us Part (Len Faki remix)
Sits in my all time top 10.  Can be played early doors to build the atmosphere or pitched up a touch, later on, to keep the energy flowing. The massive bass and drums are killer!


Pascal Nuzzo – Berghain
Perfectly represents the trademark sound of Germany and typifies the modern atmospheric vibe. Dark, moody and enough sound to fill the largest of spaces.


Prodigy – Destroy
Being my fave band of all time this has to be in my chart. The title is spot on, it destroyed the EDM crowd with its oldskool keys but cutting edge percussion, hard bass and pounding groove. This blew my mind when I heard it live at the Brid Spa!




Surgeon – Magneze
Could have picked quite a few surgeon tracks, but this defo always killed it. Seeing people losing their minds to a track that you absolutely love is great!


DJ Ze Mig L – Gettin’ Even
A personal favourite, wonky, slamming, mess with your head techno.


2012 -Rrose – Shepherd’s Brine
A bit more up to date here. Hypnotic, driving music for when you’re lost in the smoke and strobes. Love it.



Par Grindvik – Do Us Part (Len Faki remix)
A real floor burner cleverly weaving hook parts of the original around a simple driving drum and bassline groove.


Adam Beyer, Alan Fitzpatrick – Human Reason
Veering toward the groovy, flowing end of the Drumcode spectrum rather than the pummelling one. With no melody or hooks , it’s all about the rhythm and flow.


Ellen Allien – Feel Like
A nimble bass riff, oozing percussion that feels like it’s perpetually descending towards the centre of the earth. It starts to uncoil, the bass riff loosening for a few seconds before snapping right back into place.


                                                                                    Listen Here:




Nicole Moudaber – I know Where I’ve Been
Pumped up robotics, driving synth stabs and rolling beats; a kingslayer of a track.


Victor Calderone – Outbreak
The hook on this just gets you and the subtle transitions take you somewhere else. Calderone’s a veteran producer and it is evident here. 


Scuba – Black On Black (Len Faki Goes Black Remix)
Squelchy dirty acid with a hypnotic bass hook, my favourite Faki track.


There you have it, 12-tash destroying Techno tracks chosen by a passionate bunch of Pure Techno residents. You can join the lads tomorrow at Funktion Upstairs tomorrow night from 9pm, where they bring down the curtain on 12 years of head-down techno. Door Tax £5  FB EVENT PAGE