Browse student writer Sam Rawlinson spoke to Mr Sneaks as he sat in an internet cafe and asked him about his own brand of music and his inspirations for wanting to go into the rich music scene that Hull has to offer.His unique brand of comedic, story-driven lyrics flowing over self-produced electronic dance beats in songs such as ‘Are You On Drugs’ and ‘15 Weeks’ enables him to stand out from other local talent and offer something to listeners that may be different to what they are used to.


So, what inspired you to get into the music business in the first place and who were your biggest inspirations?

“Got an overactive imagination and crap at everything else…hip-hop was my first inspiration. Bought a drum machine when 13, making rhymes.”


That’s cool man, we’re big Hip-Hop fans too. How long have you been professionally involved the music industry?

“I don’t count myself as a pro…don’t make enough money lol. Semi more like”


Can you give a little insight into the story behind this picture?


“Well,  I was going to (do) an album called ‘the adventures of Bele…Pele lost and wayward brother’, a concept album about food and takeaways…way back in 2007. Pele as in the Brazilian footballer, Bele as in the bone idol slob who lives off his brother.”


Who are your favourite Hull artists?

“Black Kes, Lightspeed and James Wood. Too many really to mention, the city is buzzing with talent. Sorry for the typing errors, told you I was crap at everything else” I’ve never really looked too much into it but I’m starting to realise about artists


Obviously, you’re doing sesh at Polar Bear tonight. What can you say about the set you’re doing, any surprises?

“Electro dance 80s synth pop with zany lyrics… a few new songs on Facebook today.”


Yeah. had a listen to your new track ‘Fat and Smelly’. What can you tell me about that song?

“Well if I exercise enough, I get fat and smelly, simple. Or dance and other things”


I’ve Also noticed you have a lot of humour in your songs, is that something you think is important to have in music as an element?

“Sometimes but, actually, if you totted up the normal ones there is mSoundCloudndcloud. Seems to be asked for more…cos there are musicians who take themselves a bit seriously. Tired doing serious but always get someone saying ‘play that, um, ya know, the drugs one’”.


Catch Mr Sneaks tonight down at THE SESH alongside:

9.00pm MR SNEAKS

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