One thing we love at Browse is our food. Whether it be of the ‘fast’ street food or sit-down variety, as long as it’s done with a creative guile and passion, you will see us shouting from the rooftops about it.

Last Saturday evening, myself and photographer were heading for the City Centre on review duty for a long-haul dance-music event at Funktion (the old Tower Picture House). We thought it would be a wise move to line our stomachs before the intake of one-or-two beers so I suggested we should check out Kardomah94 on Alfred Gelder Street, where we have covered several art events but never got to sample the amazing looking food we are always summoned to walk past when covering events.

We arrived around 8 pm with a welcoming greet from the hosting staff and was quickly directed to our reserved table as we took in the aesthetics of the building and its decor to notice the work of local artists and yesteryear photographic memorabilia of Hull understand the nonchalant approach from Kardomah94.

Over to the menu then. After speaking to friends about the food at Kardomah, nearly every one of them couldn’t recommend the Pizza’s highly enough, I mean to a point where you’d class their referral as an orgasmic, food-porn movie trailer. So, with our mouths watering from the odours pouring>>> READ MORE VIA OUR DIGITAL MAGAZINE BELOW