Food and commercial photographers, Ben and Carin, are helping to raise the profiles of local food businesses in Hull and East Yorkshire.

With City of Culture 2017 on the horizon, Hull is a growing market place. With progressively more people visiting the area, there are more excellent opportunities for food businesses to appeal to wider audiences.

“I believe image is a big part of reaching out to people, it’s got to look right” says Ben O’Leary, “people are engaging more with visual imagery and scan through the web and advertisements really quickly. Pictures speak for themselves, if people don’t see something they want, they won’t engage with it further.”

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Bakehouse Studios are very flexible and have been involved in commercial and corporate photography, with a predominate orientation towards food and hospitality. In the past, they have worked directly with food business owners, food producers, local marketing agencies and advertising clients in restaurants and hotels. In Hull, they have produced photographs for Hull Pie and The English Muse; taking images of their food and customers enjoying the pleasant atmosphere.

“Brilliant attitude and the end photos were nothing short of spectacular. Highly recommend” says Matt Ombler from Hull Pie.

Social media also plays a big part in creating a good reputation for a business, as people are now communicating very openly about their daily lives – where they are going, who they are seeing and what they are eating and drinking and are sharing this information instantly. This can often lead to food businesses being involuntarily tagged in multiple Instagram posts, Facebook status’ and Tweets. Images that are not taken professionally – from people’s smartphones – can often make food look unappetising, and so it’s best for businesses to take control of the content that is being publicly portrayed in the media. Bakehouse Studio offers professional content to managers and marketing companies to use on their social media accounts.

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Ben and Carin are both professional, qualified photographers, each with a marketing background that produce stylish and modern food photography. Carin completed his course at Leith’s School of Food and Wine and has trained with the London-based food photographer, William Reavell, whose photos can be found on packaging for leading UK supermarkets as well as in Mary Berry’s cookbooks. “We offer as much advice as we can and are flexible to suit each individual’s needs”.

Their photography is described as modern and stylish, and can be used for either web or print media. They have previously worked with a food stylist, which has allowed them to pick up the fundamentals for achieving aesthetically pleasing images. Nowadays, people are more visually literate and can be quite sceptical towards advertising, and so Bakehouse Studios like to avoid artificial set-ups and, rather, opt for depicting a natural, comfortable environment that we can relate to.

More recently, they have begun the exciting prospect of creating interactive 360° tours of restaurants and cafés, which have so far been produced for Ogino, a Japanese restaurant in Beverley, and The English Muse. This can be the perfect feature for small businesses that need an alternative way to invite customers in, especially if they suffer from being quite hidden away or are without a shop front. It is the same style as ‘Street View’ that we are all familiar with and is found directly from Google Maps by clicking on ‘See Inside’.

“It’s so useful to have a strong set of images for our leaflets and also for our social media efforts,” says Maddy Rose from The English Muse.

To take a look at their impressive portfolio of work, visit their website To get directly in touch with Ben for enquiries, you can e-mail with their other contact details available on their website.

Words | Lucy Howson


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