Underground House and Techno night, Different Language blow out the candles on 9 years of existence this Sunday at Gate 5 on Wincolmlee. We caught up with Martin Hodgson, one-half of Different Language to pick out his top 9 tracks to reflect the music policy at their events. Happy Birthday DL!

1 -Perfect DL warm up vibes, one of my favourite tracks of 2014.


2 – It took me ages to track down, I’d heard it on a Fabrizio Maurizi podcast and absolutely loved it. I remember Shonky dropping it at DL back in 2012.


3 – Dean Muhsin, one-half of Bearweasel dropped this to close a summer courtyard party back in 2009 and it just summed the whole day up. I do believe this was one of our defining parties and this track brings back all the memories.



Gate 5, Wincolmlee


4 – I remember dropping this at a RiffRaff pre-party years back when we were invited up to ‘Boro. Heads down for this one!!


5 – This Einzelkind track is amazing. This has been a huge record for me at Gate No5.


6 – This never fails to get a dancefloor moving. Love this record!



Spring Ban Tavern, Old Fire Station Courtyard


7 – Julietta dropped this at the Fruit warehouse and I’ve played it loads of times including the Gate No5 opening party.



8 – A strange record. Rob dropped it as we warmed up the Shinobi crew at a festival in Hull and we’d done some promo mixes and decided it was a good idea to start throwing them out into the crowd. I was busy mixing the next track in, unaware that Rob has threw a cd right into some door staff’s head and hid behind the decks. He was livid and looking up at me thinking it was me!



9 – This was such a huge record and I remember playing at our first ever party on the Lamp terrace. Exceptional!!


Join Different Language at Gate 5 on Wincolmlees this Sunday where they host the Italian Duo NeverDogs in the industrial hut parked on the riverside of the River Hull. TICKETS & INFO





tiNi @ Fruit


Julieta @ Fruit


Tommy Lee Jones JR @ Halloween Special, Fruit