Rejoice, the government are giving us money off food! The governments new ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ scheme offers foodies 50% off food and non-alcoholic drinks up to a total value of £10 per person. This offer applies when eating/ drinking in between Monday and Wednesday throughout the month of August.

The scheme aims to help businesses get back up and running and get people back supporting their local businesses in person after lockdown. Across lockdown, we kept you updated on which indies were delivering during lockdown. Therefore, allowing you and us to support them from home. But now, its time to get back out to the restaurants (if you feel comfortable to!) and support our faves in person.

‘Eat Out To Help Out’ is the perfect opportunity to continue supporting our favourite local independent businesses, while also helping our pockets with discounts. We’ve rounded up a list of the indie restaurants in Hull that are taking part, so get your August dinner dates planned out! Because Hull has a lot of indies taking part in this one…

City Centre –

Anti Sauté Sauté Club @ The White Hart

Eat out to help out

The Brain Jar

Tapasya Kitchen

Liquid Jade

The Old House

Wonky Tulip Coffee House

Riddlers Bar

Papas Fish and Chips

Steinbeck & Shaw


Furley & Co



Humber Dock Bar & Grill

Junkyard Cafe Bar

Thieving Harry’s

eat out to help out


Bert’s Pizza & Gelato

White Rabbit Chocolatiers

The Hispanist

Al Porto

Dope Burger

Yankee Land

eat out to help out


Long An

Viet Memories


The Avenues / Beverley Road –


Dope Burger

The Piper

Hang Out


Planet Coffee

The Barista

eat out to help out

The Boardroom

Cafe Gelato


Sleepers Bar & Kitchen


Da Gianni

El Toro

East Hull –

Church Street Coffee & Kitchen

Eat out to help out

The Duke Of York Sutton

The Lodge

Papas Fish & Chips

Elsewhere –

Stables Kitchen

If there are any independent businesses who are involved that we left off the list or, if you are a local independent who is taking part, let us know!

You can also view a list of the nearest businesses taking part in ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ to your postcode on the government website here.