This week we took a trip down to The White Hart to sample the new hip-hop themed menu from Anti Saute Saute Club. Located on Alfred Gelder Street, White Hart is one of Hull’s most historical pubs. Serving a variety of real ales, including drinks from their own independent brewery, Crafty Little Brewery.

Anti Saute Saute Club continuously offer an eclectic menu of high quality food. Their menus are ever changing to maintain an exciting array of dishes. Upon this weeks visit, we got to try out the hip hop inspired menu, which did not disappoint.


The menu is a hip hop lovers heaven from start to finish. Even beginning with the ‘Grey Poupon’. This is a condiment often shouted out in rap songs. With artists from Das EFX to Big L to Kanye West name dropping the brand. This condiment is a tasty reference for sure.

Other references nod to artists including Swizz Beats, MF Doom, RJD2 and Black Sheep amongst others. For a hip hop head, it made it difficult to choose which artist reference to eat up! But it definitely made it an exciting visit.

After a long read through of the menu, ingredients included (as of course, its more than just the excitement of a reference to your favourite genre of music, its the excitement of quality food) we made our decisions.

Alongside the heaven of hip hop references, we also have the return of the DFC menu. With a nod to the Hull graffiti crew, a vegan ‘chikan’ option is offered alongside the classic buttermilk chicken burger, complete with a waffle on top.

Alongside the chicken burger variations, the menu also includes cheese fries and DFCeaser salad, for an still indulgent, but healthier option. Anti Saute Saute Club are no stranger to referencing the graffiti community in our city. With a Bankside Gallery burger returning time and time again on the menu, along with collaborations with Friends On Every Street in the past for ‘Cook North Mate’ and this time around for the ‘Deep Fried Frendz’ burger.

Firstly, fries!

So, onto our food choices. First up here is the somewhat ‘world famous’ (rightfully so!!) ‘Katsu Sauteed Fries’. This pan of goodness includes panko breaded chicken, Japanese curry sauce and an Asian garnish. This is a great sharing dish (or have it to yourself if you’re feeling hungry) to accompany any burger. This is a unique addition, adding some asian flair into the mix of American burgers on the menu.

Next up, burgers!

Our first burger of choice is the ‘Ultervviolet RJD2’, a vegan option from the hip hop menu. The hip hop reference here is to RJD2, who is pictured on the skewer. RJD2 is a DJ, producer and multi instrumentalist, dubbed as an underground hip-hop super-producer. Of course, this burger was also super.

This purple themed burger also gives a nod to the late Purple Robot vegan restaurant which had a short but great life down Humber Street in Hull. This burger consisted of vegan steak, purple mayo and caramelised onion chutney. I’m not a vegan myself, but I always try to make the effort to sample new vegan options. Especially those which strive to offer up more than just the bland veggie burger or quorn meat alternative.

As a meat eater, I can honestly say that this vegan steak tasted like meat. It had a great texture that was far superior to Quorn or other meat substitutes. The vegan steaks are Vivera plant steaks, formed of soya and wheat with added vitamin B-12. Definitely worth a try if you’re a vegan or just trying to cut down on your meat consumption!

Deep Fried Frenz

Next up is the ‘Deep Fried Frenz on Every Street’ burger. This one was a must try for me, the star of the menu. The hip hop reference here is a nod to the MF Doom song ‘Deep Fried Frenz’ from his 2004 album ‘Mm..Food’. Not only an MF Doom reference, but also a collaboration with Ollie Marshall, the creator of Friends On Every Street, a now legendary Hull independent brand. I mean, the burger also came complete with a laptop sticker, come on. Peter Levy wearing the MF Doom mask? Whats not to love!

anti saute saute club

This burger features buttermilk chicken, smoked cheddar, tomato salsa and onion relish. Nothing too flash or fancy, just a good quality tasty burger. This one also went down easy to say the least. You really can’t knock the quality of the food here, everything is cooked to perfection and full of flavour.

Bankside Stacker

anti saute saute club

Last but not least, the Bankside Stacker. Back for the 4th time, so you know this one is a firm favourite! This one features a pressed 4oz trinity pork burger, double bacon, fried egg, aspal, apple chutney & black pudding puree and salad. This burger is also served alongside hash brown fries. Which honestly, I could have eaten A LOT of. The hash brown fries really were something else, no dip necessary here. I would without a doubt go out of my way to order these on their own on my next visit.

To conclude, the food at White Hart is truly amazing. The ever changing menus from Anti Saute Saute Club provides us with something new and fresh to try week in week out. Upon reading the menu, it is clear that these guys have a true passion and love for their food, experimenting with new and exciting ideas on every dish.

It is not just your standard burger and chips. It’s a hip hop reference, or a collab with your favourite local graffiti crew. There is so much love that goes into every element of everything that these guys do. And it really does show, with a true community vibe.

Make sure to follow Anti Saute Saute club on Instagram to keep up with their ever changing menus, or even make a suggestion for a future dish!