Another Anti Saute banger… if you don’t already know – Anti Saute Saute Club serve up possibly the best food in Hull. Be it in the pub at White Hart (when they’re allowed to open!) or as a takeout option – food of the highest quality is what to expect.

As always, packaging and attention to detail is on point. With corresponding stickers to each of our burgers and an added ‘Seal’ to really close the deal.

Ordering from the takeout menu, we chose The Rick Reuben Burger, Dillmatic Burger, Happy Fries and Dill & Pilsner Frickles.

Rick Reuben

Hip Hop themed food? Count me in, regardless of what’s in it. Part of the ‘illest classics’ menu, the Rick Reuben takes the classic Reuben sandwich and adds a Rick Rubin flare. All ASSC burgers start off with 6oz beef, butter & fresh herb patty, wholegrain aioli, posh leaf, seasoned beef tomato and red onion slaw in an artisan brioche. Added to this for the Rick Reuben is warmed pastrami, meltin’ swiss, sauteed tangy cabbage and chunky bodega burger sauce. ‘You’re crazy for this one!’ couldn’t be a more appropriate reference and take on this burger right here. As you can see, the Rick Reuben is a handful of a burger, with strong flavours coming from both the pastrami and tangy cabbage.

Anti saute


Next up on our order was the Dillmatic. The burger started the same with the ‘untouchable ASSC burger build’ mentioned above. Another banger from the ‘illest classics menu’ this time with added meltin’ swiss, dill gherkin relish, chunky bodega sauce and topped with a deep-fried dill pickle. A play on Nas’ Illmatic, the Dillmatic burger is as much a classic as its namesake.

Anti Saute

Sides – Dill & Pilsner Frickles & Happy Fries

For our sides, we ordered a serving of happy fries and some frickles for a bit of a mix-up. The happy fries are always perfect, a mash-up of skin-on fries, sweet potato fries, hash puffs and potato smiles. All perfectly crispy and seasoned with that added nostalgia of the potato smiles to take you back. The frickles included both battered gherkins and pickled cauliflower which added the perfect fried crunchiness to our meal.

Anti Saute

Check out Anti Saute Saute Club on Instagram to see their latest menus including all new festive renditions of some classics!