Anti-Saute-Saute-Club’s food is a firm favourite here at Browse. So, when they returned during lockdown doing deliveries, we pounced at the opportunity to eat some good restaurant scran at home from their ‘greatest hits’ menu.

Anti-Saute’s greatest hits user generated menu featured some ‘fan favourites’ from their past menus and ventures. Including throwbacks to their kitchen at Atom, and previous collabs at their current home, White Hart. As always, their eclectic menu varies from vegan options such as ‘Vegan Donner Kebbath’ to the popular DFC fried chicken. Notable highlights coming from music themed food as always, including references which span across genres just like their food does, from Black Sabbath to J Cole.

On our order lineup was; DFC Katsu fries, DFC Denver fries and the DFC MVB Burger. (AKA lots of Anti-Saute’s tasty fried chicken. Winner.)

First up lets discuss; the DFC Katsu fries.  Anti-Saute


Firstly, ‘world star’ chips, Katsu sauce and fried chicken. What more could you ask for? This dish features Korean fried chicken thigh, house made Japanese curry sauce, red onion and coriander salad, scallions, bean shoots and sesame seeds. The chicken can also be switched out for a Korean fried blossom frittata to make the dish vegan. Or, as loaded fries as a side.

This dish seems to be a common feature on Anti-Saute’s menu, which goes to show how popular it is. This was actually my third time eating the dish in one form or another, having had a panko breadcrumb version of this dish on our last (in person) visit to White Hart. Honestly, the homemade katsu sauce is to die for. Katsu is a favourite dish of mine in the first place, and this DFC Katsu fries option blows it out of the park every time I have it.

Next up… DFC MVB (Most Valuable Burger)


Theming is always perfectly executed at Anti-Saute. MVB (Most Valuable Burger) pulls references from the basketball term ‘MVP’ (most valuable player). Using imagery of Michael Jordan on the sticker to match. The DFC MVB is a real trophy lifter. A standout player within the team of culturally referenced food on the menu at Anti-Saute.

The burger includes; Korean fried buttermilk chicken, double jack cheese, double maple streaky bacon, grey poupon aioli, gherkin, ‘posh leaf’ and a toasted bun. PLUS; 3 wings and waffles on the side. When I unpacked this beast of a burger the first thing I noticed was the size. Oh she’s a big one. A full two hands were needed. The next thing I noticed was the bacon, never had I seen such thick bacon, true American style – needless to say I was impressed and after eating, defeatedly full. The fried chicken, as with other menu options, is perfectly cooked and the word dry could not come anywhere near this food.

Last but not least, the DFC Denver Fries.

Another lineup in the loaded fries gang, this one can also be ordered with or without the fried chicken. As you can see from the images, this one is full of cheesy goodness. Starting off with the ‘world star chips’. Topped with green peppercorn and brandy cream sauce and melting cheddar and mozzarella cheeses. The rich unique sauce complimented the ‘world star’ hand cut chips and buttermilk fried chicken perfectly.

Visible from our order, loaded fries and fried chicken are a go to for us. Yet again, the food from Anti-Saute more than impressed as it does every time, creating interesting menus week-in-week-out.

Check out their latest offerings on Instagram each week and treat yourself to some good food. Get them pre-orders in for Thursday-Sunday for collection or deliver. Also, DM White Hart directly on Instagram for table bookings as lockdown begins to ease, sink some pints and enjoy Anti-Saute in their usual habitat.