The last time I reviewed Streaming Lights, I described them as playful, energetic and hypnotising.

Their debut album will be available on ITunes from the 20th October, featuring a collection of their best songs, new and old. I purchased their album ‘Kick’ on CD about a month ago, preferring the hard copy to a digital download: not only for the music, as it is adorned with the wonderful art of local artist John Dearing. The front depicts rays of brightly coloured sunshine, which aptly summarises my view of Steven Minns, Ryan Gibbins and Chris Flynn. With an ease, they share their music and their personalities at the same time, bringing their sunlight to ever a rainy day.

The album starts off with the song ‘Modern Disco’ which suggests you “batten the hatches, slap the chain across the door” and enjoy the party you can have in your living room. It’s a perfect fit as the bouncy beats and catchy lyrics make it easy to move to these tunes wherever you are. This track and most of the others are suitable for any party, with a buoyant atmosphere to the album.

There are a selection of hard copies of this album still available, of which the band are selling for a mere fiver on Ebay. Alas, this brings us nicely to the second song on their album: ‘Do The Math’, which was released as a single and has previously been remixed by Endoflevelbaddie, explores the band’s addiction with the marketing website. I love the simplicity of the lyrical content – it’s literally about buying and selling stuff on Ebay – but you can’t help but question the concept of addiction in a modern-day world. Who needs drugs, when you can get your kicks checking your notifications?

The Slipper Song’ is one of their slower songs, slicing the album with the necessary moment of sombre contemplation which features in any good playlist. With this song, Minns shows a different spectrum of colourful vocals. As with ‘Do The Math’, the topic seems simple and rather silly, but the sound is solemn and charming. It’s not going to make your question your choice of footwear, but it will make you feel as warm as a pair of slippers can.

After this song, the vibe accelerates into an electric mix of joyful beats, with popular song ‘Cut of Your Jib’ and another pre-released single ‘Wait A Minute’.

And, so I end as the album does with “He Is Mental”. This song is both soft and upbeat, comprising the full range of this band. It leaves your foot gently tapping, but if this album were to comprise part of your Disco At Home playlist, allows you the choice to either refresh said playlist or head to bed with a nice cup of cocoa.