Hull’s Altu ‘Flowrex’ Collingwood, events, business and development manager for Soul Powered Events and In-house Legal Counsel for the internationally renowned Universal Zulu Nation (an entertainment and culture-based organisation) steps up to tell us about the forthcoming Hip-Hop programme as part of the Hull 2017 WhereAreWeNow Festival.


I’m especially delighted because I have been given the opportunity to programme and curate many of my favourite artists both local and from all over the UK to make up this lineup. Firstly, I would like to give a nod to the Hull 2017 team and thank them for investing in presenting true Hip Hop Culture in Hull and recognising that the local scene’s quality is most certainly capable of standing alongside many of UK Hip Hop’s most celebrated artists..



Locally, Hull will be represented by the trailblazing crew Lockdown Cheidu Oraka, Deezkid, DJ Joe the Third) who will be bringing show stopping energy and a current and local flavor to their performance, I have been watching this crew making moves nationally for a while and feel it’s only a matter of time before they hit that tipping point. They will be joined by a crew made up of some of the godfathers of Hull’s true school Hip Hop vanguard with ‘City Elements’ this crew features the one and only DJ Fast T, Redeye Feenix, Playa One and Clarksman who make up a who’s who of Hull Hop and all not only are very accomplished professionally but have started important projects like the ‘Hull Beat Bus’, a mobile classroom taking Hip Hop arts into the communities of the city. They are playing alongside such famed and high quality acts as Chester P, The Four Owls and Akala.


Akala is known for his music in which he references William Wilberforce, colonialism and themes of institutionalised racism in a way which it is received well by listeners. He is also a respected writer and speaker for media outlets like Channel 4 news and the BBC in addition to forming the Hip-Hop Shakespeare Company and speaking at universities such as Cambridge.



The festival will see the long-awaited return of UK legend Scorzayzee an artist who not only has come with one of the most distinctive, intelligent and technically sound mastery of rhyme but an artist whose music is the epitome of the message of the festival given that his content is so conscious and insightful against the douchebaggery of modern day politics that the government attempted to ban his music. I am very honoured to have been able to book him to come and perform. The remit of curation was to represent the true talent of the UK and ensure that the content was challenging and provocative. Add into the mix acts like the brilliant Booth Boxers, Stanley Odd, Chester P, Eva Lazarus, Ken Masters, Tony Broke and Nikki Blaze and we start to build a selection of accents and viewpoints which truly represents the UK.


We were also very lucky to be able to book and programme Amy True who I regard as one of the UK’s best emcees and someone who’s content always comes through with honesty, she’s a true legend already and is making serious moves travelling with her blend of lyricism and vocals laced with knowledge. She is most certainly one to watch and I am proud to have her onboard.


It is a dream to be able to present such a line up which pairs UK legends like TJ Chill and Rodney P, Physics and Loki alongside such up and coming voices as the brilliant Heinous Rhymes. This day will utilise the Creative and Cultural Gallery spaces in Princes Quay, Stage @The Dock and Hull’s Welly Club running from 10 am ending at 10:30 pm.


Please do come through and enjoy true hip hop culture on the 3rd of June with screenings, talks, workshops and performances.


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