The Hull Collective including 20/20 Theatre, Penny Duck Theatre Company and Scarlet Lights came together to organise a massively entertaining evening on Saturday as several actors, both adult and youth, came together to fight it out for the Kardomah 94 Theatre Adult Prize and Youth Prize.

Organised by the extremely hardworking Ian Winter and with a judging panel comprised of Andy Wilson, Janet Plater, Lucy Thurlow and Louise Yates, the sold-out evening was a huge success with a very high standard of acting from those who took to the stage.

Mr Winter started the proceedings with a speech to the audience before we were treated to about 15 minutes of the fabulous Land of Green Ginger screenplay by Alan Plater which set the scene in the theatre brilliantly.

Mr Winter then took to the stage to do his first un-judged monologue so that none of the actors who were being judged had to start the slam.

A parade of marvellously talented actors then took turns to do their monologue with Rebecca Huetson, Chloe Heals, Lynda Harrison, Dec Harrison, James Crowther, Jess McKenzie, Dave Smith and Brook Bartlett performing the first half of the adult and youth competitions.

Speaking about the exceptionally brave Jess McKenzie, a 12-year-old who turned up on her own to perform, Mr Winter said: “Some people just sit back and think Hollywood’s gonna call them, this girl has got off her backside and come here all on her own tonight to perform.”

The second half again started with a Monologue from Mr Winter who was then followed by Jack Holt, Chloe Quinn, Polly Pattison, Matthew Parker, Dave Pattison, Steph Allen, Jase Mayo, Emma Gibson and Gina Garton.

This was all followed by another video called The Wreck of the Mary Celeste also made in Hull.

The winner of the youth category was Chloe Quinn and the winner of the adult category was Lynda Harrison and the evening was a genuine triumph, with another one coming on 2nd April you would be well advised to get tickets asap.

Chloe Quinn (1)