Forget everything you thought you knew about concrete, Hull – The Great White Males are in town to share their infinite wisdom on the matter. Led by proto-god figure Archibald Tactful the drag king punk band are about to smash it up at Hull Truck with Cuncrete, a noisy gig-based treatise on masculinity and the built environment.

Hosted by award-winning Bristol-based theatre maker, satirist, drag performer and punk singer Rachael Clerke as our man Archibald, Cuncrete arrives in Hull off the back of a successful run at Edinburgh Fringe 2016. It’s an unapologetic satire that sets the housing crisis, Thatcherism and our current alpha-male dominated political class firmly in its sights.

Join the Great White Males – a house band comprised of social climbers, cabinet ministers, and righteously perfect male men Keith, Johnnie and johnsmith – for sing-a-long classics such as ‘Right To Buy’, ‘Living In Utopia’ and ‘Brutal, Brutal’.

Browse Magazine checked in with the Great White Males to see what all the fuss is about.


Is Cuncrete a play or is it a gig? Does it even matter?

It’s a gig. A punk gig. A really good gig. With talky bits in between. We do it at theatres become we r classy but it is a real life gig. Promise.


Who is Archibald Tactful? Just how tactful is he?

Archie is our leader. The main man. Head honcho. Top dog. A bit of a mouth on him but he does his best to live up to his name. He’s also a great dancer, a hit with the ladies, a GOD (!) and once self-published a collection of concrete poetry, about concrete.


GREAT WHITE MALE FIGHT from Rachael Clerke (Clerke and Joy) on Vimeo.


Hull has a rich musical heritage *cough* Spiders From Mars *cough* Who are the key musical influences for The Great White Males?

We are like a lady no-wave band ie; Teenage Jesus and The Jerks but better because we are guys.


What are the connections between punk and modernist, brutalist architecture? Would Corbusier have appreciated three-chord bangers?

Punk is functional, utilitarian, accessible, honest, strong and raw. So is concrete. Corbusier is a massive Great White Males fan btw. So is Anthony Royal from JG Ballard’s ‘High Rise’.


What about theatres? Is there enough concrete and punk in these spaces?

No, but we’re changing that.


Much of Hull was flattened during the war and rebuilt after but the utopia we were promised never materialised. How has the power and privilege of great white men shaped our urban landscape?

What are u on about? THIS IS UTOPIA. You need to make it work for you. Man up! Our shaping of this is the best shape for you, you just don’t know it yet. In the words of our smash hit ‘Utopia’; future living on an estate, the architecture will dictate, the way you live in these straight lines, tomorrow’s creeping from behind amenities and fitted kitchens. Raw concrete and modern fixtures, living in utopia, you couldn’t dream it up. See?! Now you understand.


We’re in the midst of a snap election: what message do The Great White Males have for our parliamentary candidates?

Give up and just put us in charge Ok, great cool thanks nice chatting and goodbye.

See Cuncrete at Hull Truck on Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 April at 8pm. Tickets £12.50, concessions £10.50 –>