Sister Strange, Audio Subscene and Brahma-Loka at The Sesh, 25/10/16 – Words by Danielle Hayes

This week The Sesh, at The Polar Bear, gathered people together to watch three bands fill the night with indie vibes under a beaming red light. The four-piece groups Mark Page, the event organiser, welcomed to the stage were Brahma-Loka, Audio Subscene and Sister Strange. Each of these bands didn’t fail at getting people moving, in the Spring Bank venue, to their brilliant songs at all throughout the night.

Kicking things off for the evening, Brahma-Loka from Manchester invaded the Hull venue to show off their mystical talent. The band proved they are too cool for their performance, with the ultimate indie band persona they carried. Some people would say Brahma-Loka sound like Arctic Monkeys, due to their vocalist’s tone of voice being very similar to Alex Turner’s. However, they slightly have their own style that they bring to the indie scene which makes them appealing and unmissable. On Tuesday, the band created a great atmosphere that was quite relaxing with their soothing sound.


Sister Strange

New wave indie rock and roll band Audio Subscene then took to the stage to show why they’re one of Hull’s most acclaimed bands. During their live performance, the group demonstrated effortless rock and roll beauty with each song. The band’s uplifting song ‘Mindblower’ makes you want to sing along to the catchy chorus and be up dancing, without a care in the world. In their set, another song that stood out was their hypnotic track ‘Soul for Sale’, as it is pure enough to cast a fixating spell on you and make you sway side to side in awe. As well as performing their own tracks, the band also finished their set lifting spirits higher with their brilliant cover of Led Zeppelin’s iconic ‘Whole Lotta Love’.


Brahma Loka

brahma-lokaWith their first headlining night at The Sesh, Sister Strange presented the crowd with an outstanding performance. The band owned the stage with their care-free attitude. Their set had the perfect combination and variety of different emotive songs. On their emotional rollercoaster, they filled people’s ears with both groovy and captivating riffs. The alternative bands beautifully crafted new single ‘Let’s Not Meet’ strums through your body with a chilling bass at the start, then bursts into a mesmerising melody. Each track seduces you into the world they vision, and their vocalist’s authentic indie voice almost becomes addictive to the soul. The atmosphere Sister Strange create is truly one that is irreplaceable.