Laurel Canyons, Gramercy Park and Elwhaeko at The Sesh – Words Danielle Hayes
This week at The Sesh there was an extremely laid back atmosphere. The three fantastic bands that performed on Tuesday night, at The Polar Bear on Spring Bank, were Elwhaeko, Gramercy Park and Laurel Canyons. All of the acts successfully created a very chilled out and relaxed vibe in the crowded venue. Complementing the band’s artistry, the darkened room and beaming yellow light on the stage set a perfect scene.
The best description of Elwhaeko’s sound is dark, indie, acoustic, pop. The band played mesmerising melodies that were so beautiful they could leave you stood, fixated in a trance. The five-piece group perfectly combine folk harmonica and indie guitar sounds together, which makes them unique. Lee Atkinson’s soulful vocals help create their effortless and captivating sound. The band, who have been together since 2014, are a group who will be easy for almost all ears to listen to with their free-spirited tone.

Gramercy Park are a new indie and alternative group. The three-piece band have riffs inside their songs that are likely to sound familiar to many. However, they still manage to create their own brilliant and individual sound. Their upbeat guitar strums don’t fail at keeping you entertained and high-spirited at all. Many of the band’s songs, such as ‘Hanging From The Edge’, make you want to learn all of the words so you can sing along in cheer. When the band came to the end of their set, they made sure they left with a bang like rock stars with their elongated riffs. Gramercy Park definitely holds the image of the stereotypical cool guys in a band. Their overall performance was very fun and energetic.
Laurel Canyons’ material is jam packed with emotion. The four piece alternative band presented the audience with their beautiful melodies. The group from Sheffield have been together since 2012. Vocalist, Jake Cope, creates a raw and unique sound for the group with his high vocals. Their opening track from their EP ‘Now We is Rebuilding’, that they started their set with, drags you into their dark spirited world with intrigue and curiosity. If you could vision sound, Laurel Canyons would be a million tiny twinkling lights looking pretty in a dark night sky. Jake Cope’s solo performance for one of their tracks was extremely captivating, and the soothing sound of his guitar strings with his innocent voice consumes you.