The lovely people from the Warren Youth Project have launched a new, major music project today, aimed at tackling mental health within the creative arts sector that will young people to use creative writing and music to talk openly, confidently and safely about what’s on their mind.

Three Minute Heroes is dedicated to ensuring young people have their voices heard #hearmeout Right now, bands and musicians across our region are busy recording the first album of songs whose lyrics have been written exclusively by young people attending schools in Hull and East Yorkshire.

Why is Three Minute Heroes happening?

Because it’s important to be able to talk openly and honestly about our mental health so our friends, parents, families, doctors and teachers know what’s bothering us and can do something to support us – and we think using music is one of the best ways to make sure young people have their voices heard.

How does Three Minute Heroes work?

Really simple. The Three Minute Heroes Team works in partnership with schools around Hull and East Yorkshire to help young people express their feelings through creative writings. Those writings/lyrics are then given to bands and solo artists who put them to music and create powerful songs that create an authentic voice for young people. Those songs are then digitally released by Warren Records to provide a creative resource.

How to be a Three Minute Hero

To be a Three Minute Hero all you have to do is talk, blog or vlog about mental health for 3 minutes. You can talk about something or somebody or a moment that changed your life in three minutes, or a piece of music or film or art that inspired you in three minutes. You can Tweet/Facebook/Instagram something about mental health in 3 minutes (#threeminuteheroes #hearmeout), or you could say something supportive to a friend in 3 minutes – there are lots of ways to get involved.


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