Different Language wave farewell to Gate 5 this evening. The venue has hosted some amazing parties over the past 3 years and will be sadly missed by all. Here are some of the best images…

A statement from Martin Hodgson, promoter of Different Language:

Tonight we say goodbye to the little shed in the middle of nowhere, otherwise known as, Gate No5. I’m absolutely gutted that it’s going to be the last time we all party in there. It took Rob and I so much time and effort to get the place into what it is today. It might not look much but turning a ruined and derelict wharf building into a credible space for some of the scenes finest to play their music is something I’ll always be proud of. It’s hard work but rewarding. Before anyone has even turned up, the portaloos are put in, the bar is stocked, the sound system is installed, the safety fencing is erected, the pallets are put outside, the front kiosk is built, the generator is hired in and the clean up afterwards is a pain in the arse. But to see everyone dancing and enjoying the music is priceless. How we even got it past the authorities is beyond me but tonight I’m going to enjoy every second of it. I’ve met so many people in there, had so much fun and heard bucket loads of amazing music. I can’t wait to see you all and am looking forward to seeing Molly do her stuff! Let’s do this properly… one last time!!!


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