Words: Sam Asquith

Cavernous, sound-proofed halls, robust dystopian metalwork, Rodhad, Dax J, Fjaak, Kink vs Kirilik, Newa, Adiel and of course, Ben Klock. Photon is returning to the industrial playground that is Printworks.

Once again collaborating with renowned London promoters The Hydra, the Klockworks’ Photon series encapsulates Klock’s drive for sensory ecstasy by combining sound, light and architecture with a selection of some of the most exciting artists from techno’s pounding underbelly.

There will be little in the way of respite throughout the day from a lineup that screams power. The unrelenting Viking that is Rodhad will be joined by another vicious bass advocate in the shape of English native Dax J. Yet the lineup is complemented well by relative newcomers to the international stage. Georgian Newa will bring her twisted, atmospheric sounds that have become synonymous with Georgian techno, and Italian Adiel will undoubtedly hypnotise as Photon’s sensory prerogative takes a hold.

But it will be the Bulgarian warlock KiNK that draws the most intrigue as he presents his project KiNK vs Kirilik. Known for pushing the boundaries of what is possible when sound and technology meet, Strahil Velchev will strip back his setup to test the limits of the humble drum machine and modular synthesizer. And there will a Printworks debut for the two that were three, FJAAK, as they bring their uniquely rugged energy to the Press Halls for a set that promises to deliver.

Once home to the printing of the Metro and Evening Standard newspapers, the Press Halls of Printworks will be imprinting their own unique mark upon a crowd once again. Gone is the disco ball, the darkness returns, Photon is back and Klock is at the helm.


12 midday – 11pm

TICKETS: http://bit.ly/2FB17RM


Ben Klock at Printworks London last year presenting Photon, playing Luca La Rocca – Shutter