Every year dozens of new and young bands pass through the hallowed doors of the Polar Bear on a Tuesday night to entertain the faithful at the weekly Sesh nights. The prize for those which impress the most is an offer of a slot at the annual Humber Street Sesh Festival. Not many cities in the UK could host such a unique event, with a sell-out crowd of 32,000 to watch unknown (to many) artists. As a regular at Sesh, I have seen most of these bands so the editor handed me the poisoned chalice to recommend five HSS newbies to watch. After a lot of indecision, these are my choices, but there could have been so much more. Get yourselves down on a Tuesday, you may see your new favourite band.


Bob Wallis - Browse Magazine writer and gig-goerBob Wallis – Browse Magazine writer and gig-goer


Pavey Ark – ABP Dead Bod Stage – 11.30
Neil Thomas has long been a favourite on the acoustic scene as a solo artist but has now teamed up with four other talented folks to form Pavey Ark. Fresh from successful performances at Glastonbury they bring their melodic sound featuring a gentle haunting mixture of drums, guitar and violins. A perfect chill out to ease your way into the festival. If you miss this set they are performing again at King Billy at 15.50.



Serial Chiller – Strummerville Stage – 13.05
Although hailing from Lincoln, this two piece slacker punk duo are very much part of the Hull music scene, playing numerous times at Adelphi and Polar Bear. Very much a DIY outfit they handed out dozens of hand decorated discs but now have just released their first single ‘Life’s Rough’ on Warren Records. A performance crammed with bucket loads of teenage angst and attitude is guaranteed with songs about hangovers and bleeding gums!




Lumer – Strummerville Stage – 13.55
Yet another promising young band from the Warren Records stable, Lumer are a recently formed three piece band containing ex-members of The Magdalenes and The Denim Turtles who both played HSS 2015 but now sadly defunct. Lumer gigs are usually lively affairs as the band have a mad but not bad crowd of followers from the local colleges. Lo-fi fuzzy guitars and distorted vocals will assault your eardrums and batter your brain into a pulp.





MarxStage @ The Dock, a celebration of hip-hop – 15.30

Third time lucky for rapper Marx. After previously being booked for HSS but not actually playing while fronting metal and punk bands City of Stone and Headless Hangman, Marx is indulging his other love, hip hop. The self-styled King of East Hull (although rival Chappo might not agree) has rapped on stage with Big Daddy Kane and recently supported MC Devvo at a sold out O’Rileys. Marx will be performing with just a mic and backing tape for the company.




Black Lime – ABP Dead Bod Stage – 19.30
As with Neil Thomas, Sam Connolly is more used to ploughing a lone furrow on stage but recently teamed up to form this cracking alt-rock outfit. They are quickly making a name locally with their powerful performances, recently launching their new single ‘Sucker Punch’ to a good crowd at Polar Bear, as well as playing Sheffield Tramlines festival. Their hard work has paid off with a slot high up on a major stage, expect to see them on the main one next year.