WORDS: Leigh Campbell


Hull BID‘s urban banquet and street food event return this Spring with the first edition of Hull Street Food events in 2019 with an exciting relocation back to its original residence in Trinty Square. In preparation for this mouth-watering spectacle, we spent a day in Trinity Market sampling the delights of Shoot the Bull and the Grecian God that is GREKO 


STB Gold Burger @ Shoot the Bull



BROWSE RECOMMENDS: Shoot the Bull @ Hull Street Food Event

A couple of years back, if you wanted to get your hands on one of Shoot the Bull’s masterful burgers, you had to track them down at your local street food pop-up. Now, a stroll down the cobbles of Old Town will lead you to Trinity Market, where one hell of a lunch awaits you. 


Over the past year, Shoot the Bull have refined their menu to the point of perfection. If you’re looking for a bite at breakfast, a beast of a burger, a hundred-yard hotdog or a pot of poutine, then there really is only one place to go, and you won’t leave disappointed.  


Even with a pared-down menu, it took us more than a few minutes to make our decision. We settled on a mix – the STB Gold Burger and the Char Siu Dog, with a portion of chips thrown in for good measure.  


The STB Gold is a champion of a burger – double stacked for impact and loaded with smoked bacon, then lavished with bacon ketchup and honey mustard mayo. The whole thing is stacked and served in a unique Bretzel roll for a finishing touch. 


Char Siu Dog


For something a bit more adventurous, the Char Siu Dog should be the top of your list. Shoot the Bull have heaped on the flavour with smoky char siu pulled pork for a distinctive oriental taste. Combined with layered pickled carrot and spring onion, sprinkled with Sesame Seeds and brought together with enough Wasabi Mayo to pack a tasty punch, it’s not one to miss.  


Shoot the Bull’s eclectic taste can be found in more places than one. Alongside Trinity Market, they have offerings in The Old House, Hull Truck Theatre, and they can still be found at street food events around Yorkshire.  


BROWSE RECOMMENDS: GREKO @ Hull Street Food Nights (Trinity Market)

Welcome to sunny Greece! Alright, not really, but on a warm day in Hull you’ll be forgiven for thinking you’d woken up in the wrong country, especially if you’re taking a trip to Trinity Market. Maybe it’s just us, but we reckon that Hull is a whole new place in the sun, and with bright spring days approaching, we were on the hunt for something to eat in the sunshine.  




Enter Greko – an authentic, family-run business with a passion for Greek Gyros. This is a family who wants to show us Hull lot how to eat like a Greek, and they’re doing a bang on job. When the family moved over from Greece several years ago, they missed a couple of things about home. At first, it was just the weather, but they soon found themselves craving an authentic gyros. Unable to find it on Hull’s cobbled streets, they took to their own kitchen and began to make it themselves.  



What began as sharing a family recipe with friends has grown into Greko – you’ve probably seen the queues snaking around Trinity Market as people eagerly await one of their iconic gyros. With all key ingredients supplied directly from Greece, it’s a taste most people in Hull aren’t willing to miss out on.  


If you’re unfamiliar with the gyros, allow us to acquaint you; delectable chicken or pork comes straight from the spit to be served in a handmade pitta. Greko also offers a vegetarian option so that everyone can experience the taste of Greece. Locally sourced, fresh tomatoes join the wrap, along with red onions, oregano marinated chips, and their famous homemade Greek tzatziki sauce – you can thank their dad’s family recipe for that.  



When we visited for a bite, our eyes were far bigger than our bellies. Between us, we attempted to demolish both a chicken and Por Gyros, as well as a portion of halloumi fries. The gyros were packed full with ingredients – so much so that we could barely keep our hands wrapped around them – and the halloumi fries were a perfect blend of savoury and sweet, with the pomegranate seeds serving extra bursts of flavour with every bite.  

For a Greek experience like no other, Greko is the place to be. There is a God after all… 


Hull Street Food Nights starts tomorrow in Trinity Square, Hull City Centre.

With over 30 stalls of high-quality local produce and expertly-created dishes from Hull favourite’s such as Shoot The Bull and Tapasya, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Featuring a DJ, live band and other family-friendly entertainment. Hull City Centre comes alive in the evenings, with fantastic sights, delicious smells, tasty treats and groovy sounds.

Hull Street Food Nights 2019 Event Dates:

Thursday 4th April
Thursday 2nd May
Thursday 6th June
Thursday 4th July
Thursday 8th August (as part of Yum! Festival in Queens Gardens)
Thursday 5th September.


Fancy FREE PARKING for the Hull Street Food Night on Thursday? King William Car Park on Market Place/Lowgate is free between 11am-midnight for all Hull Street Food Night customers if you book in advance online at https://www.apcoa.co.uk/parking-in/hull/king-william-house/ and use promo code HullBID4April.