Following a recent Browse Magazine Twitter poll, the lovely people of Hull have now placed The Boathouse atop of the list of the Best Food of 2015 in the City of Culture 2017.  
With 2017 fast approaching Hull continues to see a steady rise in the number of new bars, cafes and restaurants emerging – with each now offering a unique experience alike. Up against some stiff competition in the shape of the ever popular Dope Burger, Hull Pie, El Chupitos and last but certainly not least Kardomah 94, the team at Boathouse can give themselves a well-deserved pat on the back as the year draws to a close.  
Focusing on massive burgers and Neapolitan pizza, The Boathouse has stuck to its guns from day one and delivered a range of mouth-watering fan favourites, along with craft beers and cocktails at crowd friendly prices. With Newland Avenue unarguably one of Hull’s most vibrant student strips, offering ‘two-for-one’ deals and ‘half price’ days would seem like a no-brainer in order to keep customers happy. The clever folk over at The Boathouse have cottoned on to this tried and tested ploy; thus keeping people flowing in and out of their Newland hang-out day and night throughout the week.  


First of all, we have HALF PRICE BURGER TUESDAY, which doesn’t exactly need much explanation. This could at first ring some alarm bells for some, but thankfully the 50% discount does not affect the quality of these mammoth like, yet carefully crafted beasts whatsoever and it is this that really typifies what The Boathouse is all about. As with all good burgers the meat is prime, the ingredients that partner the juicy patty are no less in quality and the sides are in some instances pretty ridiculous (in a good way).  

Next we have HALF PRICE PIZZA THURSDAY, which again gives the customer a long list of delicious homemade pizzas to choose from, whilst being ever so kind on the pockets of those who venture down Newland Ave. Once again, this is one of the many reasons to visit this chirpy spot, as the atmosphere is always lively and relaxed – however if you aren’t a pizza or a burger person (hang your head in shame) then you could simply visit for a spot of liquid lunch or perhaps a drink on a busy night.  
The Boathouse cater for all in terms of drinks, especially with their classic and creative cocktails and their craft beers that really are exceptional.The choice of drinks is pretty extensive, ranging from Martini’s, Mojito’s and whatever you could possibly imagine right through to Brewdog IPA, Brooklyn Lager and all sorts of craft beers. All in all, this is a worthy winner of Hull’s ‘Best Food of 2015’ for a number of reasons. Not only is the quality of the food and drink on offer of top-notch, but the value for money provides the place with a relaxed atmosphere that evokes good conversation and happy customers; giving this place the full package.

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