Hull is a city that’s increasingly catching the eye of cinematographers and producers from across the country, with cult movies and primetime television dramas alike filming in the city. Recent years have seen the streets around the Guildhall double for London in A Royal Night Out, as well as Channel 4’s National Treasure, starring Robbie Coltrane. Meanwhile,  hooligan sequel ID2 went a step further, shooting the majority of the film in locations across Hull and making use of scores of local actors, extras and crew.



Now a group of local filmmakers, spearheaded by writer and director Jack Grewar, are looking to add to Hull’s credits with crime thriller, Northern Fall.


But it all depends on crowdfunding.


“We’ve already got the majority of the crew together as well as all of the equipment,” explains Jack, who studied film in LA before returning home to Hull.


“We’re ready to make the film, we just need the money so we can start casting and then we’re good to go.”


Test Shot 2



Jack wrote the screenplay last summer and has since linked up with two Hull-based companies: Kris Bilski’s Astor Productions and Picturehouse 26, a company founded by Monique Nagra, whose latest production Chester was nominated for best short film at The L.A International Women’s Film Festival.


Northern Fall follows the discovery of an unconscious woman by dog walker, Joe, only for a bunch of heavies to turn up asking questions she can’t answer after coming around suffering from amnesia.


What follows is a crime thriller that Jack says explores, “masculinity and the similarities and differences between men in a world of crime and obsession.


“Each character is pursuing either money, morality or both.


It’s a tale of a couple of small-time hood stories, interconnecting, in the vein of Fargo.”


Just as Minnesota was integral to the Coen Brothers’ masterpiece Hull has also proven to be ideal for Northern Fall, with ease of access to the countryside and plenty of compelling urban locations.


“We’ve got a lot of rural locations we can use and when it comes to producing it cuts your costs down, we don’t have to trawl about, we can do it all here,” says Jack.


The shoot will employ up to 70 people and the producers have already begun to gather talented crew members from the region.


Jack’s ambition is to release the film across the country and take it to festivals in Europe.


“We’re going for trying to get it shown in festivals like Berlin, Edinburgh, London and even Cannes,” he says.


“If we get the money through the crowdfunding then we can make a film worthy enough to go to these places.”


The crowdfunding campaign has already secured over £1,500 in pledges on Indiegogo and after shooting a concept trailer in December the production team are also approaching investors.


Now they just need more people to back the production and help ensure that Hull continues to build a reputation as a blossoming city of film.


Watch the concept trailer and pledge to the crowdfunding campaign through their Indiegogo page.