Three classic gangster films related to iconic crime fiction writer and Hull Art School graduate, Ted Lewis, are to be screened in the city in November as part of the Hull Noir festival.

Hull Independent Cinema will show GET CARTER (1971) in a mini-series with John Boorman’s influential POINT BLANK (1967), based on Donald Westlake’s hardboiled thriller, The Hunter; and Shane Meadows’ uncompromising small town revenge story, DEAD MAN’S SHOES (2004).

The three screenings include a pre-film introduction from guest speaker Nick Triplow, Ted Lewis’s biographer and author of Getting Carter: Ted Lewis and the Birth of Brit Noir.

While Ted Lewis only wrote nine novels he left an indelible impression on British crime fiction through his marriage of American hard-boiled drama with social realism. His 1970 novel, Jack’s Return Home, became GET CARTER when it was adapted for cinema by Mike Hodges the following year, with Michael Caine starring as the London gangster heading home to investigate his brother’s untimely death.

Shane Meadows’ DEAD MAN’S SHOES invites comparisons to Hodge’s cult classic, as Paddy Considine’s former paratrooper returns to small town Derbyshire and vows to exact revenge on the drug dealers who have abused his younger brother.


Meanwhile, POINT BLANK may be considered as an antecedent to both these films. Lee Marvin stars as the double-crossed gangster, Walker, in John Boorman’s neo-noir classic that has spawned debate among audiences and critics ever since its release thanks to its dreamlike cinematography and motifs. 


Celebrating the best of British and international crime fiction, Hull Noir plays host to the prestigious Iceland Noir on their bi-annual travels from the festival’s home city of Reykjavik and runs from 12-19 November.

Highlighting Hull’s crime fiction heritage from Get Carter author, Ted Lewis, to the current crop of crime and noir writers working in the city, the festival forges new connections and examines the themes of contemporary crime fiction.


POINT BLANK, Monday 13 November, Vue Cinema, 7.30pm | Buy Tickets

GET CARTER, Wednesday 15 November, Vue Cinema, 7.30pm | Buy Tickets

DEAD MAN’S SHOES, Thursday 16 November, Vue Cinema, 7.30pm | Buy Tickets