The City of Culture is shining a beacon of light on our great cultural city of Hull and providing a platform for all of the creative and diverse businesses and people within the city to showcase what we’re about. One integral part of its homegrown success stories is Poorboy Boutique, which we will soon see re-locate to the newly developed Marina area of the city. This move plays an integral part of the brand’s positioning as an urban boutique within the hottest area of the city. Having spoken to Ricardo about the brand, it’s a perfect move given the rich story and the ethos behind the brand going back to his families roots within the city.


Having originated in 2003 taking the name from Bohemia Rhapsody- “I’m just a poor boy from a poor family” the company has grown stronger in brand awareness and retail development. As we progress into 2017, it’s clear to see that Poorboy Boutique core values are to remain true to the roots of the city it was established in and also the history behind the curator’s family to give this brand an edge that no other retail concept has within the city.


Riccardo Seaton, owner Poorboy Boutique


Re-branding Poorboy in 2006, Ricardo introduced the ‘Anchor logo’ to reference his own history with the Maritime city and reflect the success of his own grandfather who also started with nothing, working as a trawlerman and progressing to captain, the very first black captain of a trawler ship to leave the city of Hull. An astonishing achievement and one which enriches the boutiques’ vision even further to be one of the top independent boutiques to visit whilst coming to Hull. It is also a great example of paying homage to your own roots and seeing what path that progression will lead you on. Having created the business from nothing Poorboy boutique has become one of the Cities best retail locations, incorporating creative direction alongside re-working of products.


Poorboy has a strong team of vintage graders within the company who source clothing from all regions of the world, making its way through the alterations team to then be distributed globally as a newly styled garment, often ending up back in the country it was originally purchased from. Given the now global nature of the retail landscape, digital commerce plays a key part in the boutique’s strategy. Along with their online store, they also feature on ASOS Marketplace, enabling their creations to be purchased from the USA, Japan, Europe to name a few.


The company has a deeply-rooted investment in the city it was founded in but the global outreach of the brand is phenomenal and even more so the identity of the company is so apparent and true to its creative roots.  One key underlining note of the City of Culture is about working together and being a creative visionary as a whole city. Poorboy has always supported local talent through sticking to their roots working with artists, rappers and concessions from the likes of Nineties Boy, Mark Hebblewhite and PAUL-for brain recovery.



Just like his own grandfather before him, Ricardo built Poorboy Boutique on ambition and drive, creating his vision from nothing to become a successful and thriving business in the City of Culture, a testament to Ricardo and all his team.


The route the boutique has taken from vintage wholesaler into a brand which is a key retailer of the city will serve as a great platform for inspiration for future independent boutiques who wish to stick to their roots and build something they believe in with core values true to themselves. The move to the Marina will be the boutique’s next journey to further success within the local retail environment along with increased digital success from their online offer.

Words: Debbie Huntley


Artist Mark Wigan will be customising Dr Martens down at Poorboy tomorrow


Poorboy, tomorrow, launch their new shop down Humber Street with a number of local artists and Live Musicians, with our editor Mike White providing some tunes from 10.30am to 6pm on the 22nd with a fun packed day with a range of exciting local entertainment, artists and musicians.

The glamorous girls from innovation entertainment will be greeting with drinks available on the door

Local artist Mark Wigan will is joining us from 10.30am throughout the day he will be available to customise your own Dr Martins and a range of t-shirts. Mark will also be painting bespoke artwork unique to Poorboy Boutique.

Sarah Clayton from Hair Majesty will be available all day for hair pin-ups, she specialises in vintage and special occasion hair styles.

Sophie Cash Makeup Artist will be offering a festival makeover by offering and displaying our new range of glitter/festival makeup.

Have your shoes or Dr Martins seen better days? Bring them back to life, Joseph from Steelcity Shoeshine will be available to renovate and shine your shoes or Dr Martins throughout the day! Treat your Feet!


Full Lineup of Live Music & Art throughout the day

11.30 am

Adam Brodie is an acoustic singer and songwriter from Hull his array of songs are quite
simply beautiful, he is folk/indie infused mixture of pessimistic joyful optimism

12pm – 12.45pm

Come check out the Fire breathers from 12pm – not to be missed! 🔥 Something totally unique for Saturday shopping experience


Hulls local grime/rap artist Chiedu Oraka will be taking it up a notch from 1 pm . Telling it how it is! – the man behind the clothing brand Lockdown clothing come check out his new collection in store.

All day 

An eclectic range of vintage clothing only the best for our lovely customers.

Also featuring in store Mark Wigan will be doing personalised custom t-shirts and Dr Martins (bring your docs) throughout the day. This is one off opportunity to get Marks brilliant designs on your clothes to keep

Mark Hebblewhite a local artist from Hull will be displaying his array of paintings which will be availible to purchase🎨