If there is one thing you can count on within Hull’s creative scene, it is community spirit. Whether you’re musician/artist/band wanting somewhere to sell merch, an artist looking for wall space to showcase your work, an event promoter looking for promotion wall space and sell tickets, Poorboy Boutique based on Humber Street are an essential cog for creative types in the city.


However, when you talk about homegrown success stories, Riccardo Seaton, owner of Poorboy epitomises grass-roots, entrepreneurial energy, in a ‘rags-to-riches’ story, which he built from sacrifice, hard-graft and his family roots within the city.


Having originated in 2003 taking the name from Bohemia Rhapsody- “I’m just a poor boy from a poor family” the company has grown stronger in brand awareness and retail development. As we progress into 2018, it’s clear to see that Poorboy Boutique core values are to remain true to the roots of the city it was established in and also the history behind the curator’s family to give this brand an edge that no other retail concept has within the city.


Riccardo Seaton, owner Poorboy Boutique


Re-branding Poorboy in 2006, Ricardo introduced the ‘Anchor logo’ to reference his own history with the Maritime city and reflect the success of his own grandfather who also started with nothing, working as a trawlerman and progressing to captain, the very first black captain of a trawler ship to leave the city of Hull. An astonishing achievement and one which enriches the boutiques’ vision even further to be one of the top independent boutiques to visit whilst coming to Hull. It is also a great example of paying homage to your own roots and seeing what path that progression will lead you on. Having created the business from nothing Poorboy boutique has become one of the Cities best retail locations, incorporating creative direction alongside re-working of hand-picked, and globally sourced vintage clothing.




Poorboy has a strong team of vintage graders within the company who source clothing from all regions of the world, making its way through the alterations team to then be distributed globally as a newly styled garment, often ending up back in the country it was originally purchased from. Given the now global nature of the retail landscape, digital commerce plays a key part in the boutique’s strategy. Along with their online store, they also feature on ASOS Marketplace, enabling their creations to be purchased from the USA, Japan, Europe to name a few.





The company has a deeply-rooted investment in the city it was founded in but the global outreach of the brand is phenomenal and even more so the identity of the company is so apparent and true to its creative roots. Poorboy has always supported the cities creative arts community and well-being organisations through sticking to their roots working with artists, rappers and concessions from the likes of Chiedu Oraka, Nineties Boy, Anna Bean, Mark Hebblewhite and PAUL-for brain recovery. Not to mention, they are a stockists of bi-monthly magaiznes



Just like his own grandfather before him, Ricardo (far right) built Poorboy Boutique on ambition and drive, creating his vision from nothing to become a successful and thriving business in the City of Culture, a testament to Ricardo and all his team.


The route the boutique has taken from vintage wholesaler into a brand which is a key retailer of the city will serve as a great platform for inspiration for future independent boutiques who wish to stick to their roots and build something they believe in with core values true to themselves. The move Marina has proved to be the catalyst for the journey to further success within the local retail environment, along with increased digital success from their online offer.



Artist Mark Wigan customising Dr Martens and creating Live Art at Poorboy Boutique opening last year



Tomorrow and Sunday, Poorboy celebrate one-year of trading down Humber Street artist Anna Bean hosting a pop-up photo booth Live in-store performance and tunes from Lockdown’s The Third and Deezkid. T-Shirt designers Hull Sailor trading some special T-shirts, with an exclusive design, just for their birthday. Fruit Markets foodies Nibble will be providing tasty treats, brownies, sausage rolls, canapés and more. Street Art Kings, Spray Creative working their aerosol magic in an around the store from 12pm. Humber Street distillery will be serving Poorboy-infused vintage cocktails. Finally, to top it all off, we have a 50% off voucher in our latest print edition to spend in store.