Stark, yet surreal, unblinking eyes staring back at you from the canvas. From wide-eyed sharp-lined Aztec inspired nudes, to distorted nightmares reminiscent of Ralph Steadman. The work of artist and illustrator Mikey Brain is hard to pin down. Birmingham-born, Mikey has dedicated the past 15 years to developing his unique style of art. Spending his time split between London and Ibiza, working on his collections, collaborations, installations and commercial illustrations. Often in Ibiza doing live art events in the island’s famous clubs and resorts, the influences of the house music scene are splashed large across many of his works. Pill capsules, acid faces, tribalism and the odd wonky third-eye, Mikey doesn’t shy away from the drug-fuelled influences that are integral to the history of the house music and rave scene he is passionate about. He has said that he considers that visual art and music are intrinsically linked, in how they stimulate the senses, and inspire positive energy in people.

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While his colour palette is often within the pastels range, they juxtapose against blank emotionless faces, misplaced eyes, and snarling teeth. Sex and violence rub up against a spiritual calm, all set against a background of randomly abstracted geometric shapes and spirals. He works in what he calls a “planned yet spontaneous” way, and that his abstract works are “contrived and impromptu”, thus feeding his “love of the unexpected”. All of these opposites pulling in different directions come into focus in his work, but also are understood through some of the artist he name checks as influences. The illustrative randomness of the ink splashes of the aforementioned Ralph Steadman, and the controlled abstractions of Jackson Pollock’s drip paintings……READ MORE VIA OUR DIGITAL MAGAZINE BELOW