Buoyed by the recent youth turnout in the recent General Election, the old guard are keen to see this momentum carried forward. They’re well aware of the distractions of modern life and need to ram home that politics is a way of life and not something you just dip your toes into. It’s for life. Social injustice is something that needs to be fought head on. Green issues, workers’ rights and exacting positive social change need to be addressed. All the time. Forever.

So, to keep the youth involved, and mindful of such movements as The Left Field, a travelling stage which attends many popular festivals, and Red Wedge, an 80s collective of musicians who made politics accessible to the nation’s youth, an event has been organised by local politico and musician, Lloyd Dobbs, to do just that. He is organising the event with the Hull Trades Council, without whom the event could not happen, due to their financial backing through trade unions.

Anyone who knows Lloyd, knows how passionate he is about the things he believes in. Be it music, his work or his family, get him talking and you know you’ll be there for a good couple of hours. Politics is also very high on his agenda, and his encyclopaedic knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject, coupled with his standing in the community makes him the perfect person to spearhead this charge to reach the youth of Hull.

It’s something he believes passionately in, engaging the youth in politics, and due to his influence as a respected musician, he is in the best position to round up some of the most exciting local bands in Hull to help spread the word. He is bringing all these people together, in a festival-setting in Queens Gardens to reach out and involve people. And that’s the core message: togetherness. Only together can we achieve a fairer society. And the young are key to that dream, really pulling through in the election.

He’s assembled a stellar line-up including such local heroes as Endoflevelbaddie, his own Hillbilly Troupe and The Holy Orders, alongside young bands, Cannibal Animal, Let Man Loose and Young Jack. The young bands have stepped up massively here and will prove to be instrumental in influencing their peers to be politically active, or at the very least, be politically aware.

The Holy Orders;

With the brilliant and hugely influential turn out for the election, it’s more apparent than ever that the youth of today buck the trend for divisive and hate fuelled politics. It’s also true that whenever the people get a chance to make the decision again about what sort of leaders we need, there will be even more eligible to vote; and the cast majority will be on the stuff of the good, worldly and caring. We need to remind people that, even though a massive blow has been dealt to the right wing, it is still not enough. It’s time for everyone to step up and make this country a beacon of hope in an increasingly scary world.”

The aim isn’t to spend all afternoon sermonising, although guest speakers from around the country will attend, it’s a gig essentially, but the underlying themes of social equality, togetherness, kindness and sharing will be the mood of the day. These elements of daily life which should be innate, have seemingly, sadly, all but disappeared from society if the last forty years are anything to go by. And it is up to the young to reclaim these qualities, and carry them forward into their adult lives, and bring about change. So, on a very basic level, this is what this event is set out to do: making politics accessible to young people, whilst also giving them a banging party to sink their teeth into.

Collective Youth Festival will take place in Queens Gardens on 19th August 2017. This Saturday. 12-6pm.