Remote Workspace

Remote Workspaces for Hull Creatives

BROWSE RECOMMENDS Remote workspaces are essential for the freelancer on the move. Ultimately, not everyone can occupy an office space or work without distractions at home. Hull is abundant with remote workers, from freelance journalists to students to busi... BROWSE MORE

REVIEW: Bud Sugar & friends @ Bonus Arena

BUD SUGAR & friends  SATURDAY 14TH SEPTEMBER 2019 BONUS ARENA, HULL   Words: Joe Spivey Photos: Paul Newbon   Upon arrival, around 6:30pm, I found myself wandering the backstage of Arena. Whist passing doors and various ... BROWSE MORE

INTERVIEW: Charlotte

    CHARLOTTE may sound ordinary, but she’s far from it. A 21-year-old from Hull, England redefines the meaning of soul music with her own modern, accessible twist.  As a child, her grandparents’ music room was her secret world. At age ... BROWSE MORE


WORDS: Sophie Walker Humber Street Sesh was, and will always be, founded upon the community: it brings together the city for a 32,000-strong street party, all to the soundtrack of Hull’s burgeoning creative scene, spilling out into the bars and streets arou... BROWSE MORE

ISSUE 10 EDITORIAL: The Modern Draper

The Modern Draper is a Men’s lifestyle store situated within the area of Beverley called North Bar. It is owned by partners Chris Terry and Lisa Brown. As you walk in it is clear to see that they wanted this to be more than just a premium men's clothing store,... BROWSE MORE